Monday, August 27, 2012

Hexagon Mosaic Charm Quilt

Really lucked upon this beautiful, crisp, never used, never washed hexagon, mosaic quilt.  Just recently had a chance to really exam it up close.  My DH and I spent a couple of hours looking at all 1613,  1 1/2 inch hexagons.  So far we have not found any two alike.  It is so much fun to look at.  When I first started looking at the round of pink hexes, I thought "are these reproductions, I know I have some of this fabric".  I went to the stash and pulled out my tub of pink repros.  I did find one, and I found a star print that I have in another color.
See the red one with stars, I have this in a pale gold.  I know I have it in other colors, just have to keep searching my stash. I bought a lot of reproduction fabric in the 90's.

 The light pink hexagon  in the middle is the one I have in a reproduction print.  Not sure of the manufacturer.  I know it is an early repro, I have had many years. How do I know that, I use to think I should serge the edges before I prewashed everything. Not only do I not serge anymore, I don't prewash anymore either!

Oh, the shirting fabric, I haven't even started to look through all of those.  I love shirting and have a lot. And all those browns, love, love.  I bet you can even find some you have.  Okay, everybody bring your repros over and let's look for more reproduction fabric.


  1. A treasure trove of fabrics to study.

  2. wow! that is a treasure of old fabric!! I love it

  3. Great quilt. You should bring this to seminar if you have room left after you pack your Potholder which you MUST bring for sow and tell