Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Dutch Girls

I am not sure of the name of this pattern. She looks a little Dutch to me. I have several variations. But as yet have not found a source for the pattern. I have looked in Rose Alboum Quilt Indexes, a valuable resource for quilt pattern identification. I have searched- Aunt Martha, Home Art Studio, Capper Publications, and Ladies Art Company. No luck in BB Encyclopedia of Applique.  I think someone called them Red Riding Hood. But would love to know the original source for the pattern.
These quilts are all from my collection.

Some of the little girls are holding flowers.

A before and after of a top a took apart.

Some look sweet and others look a little scarey.

This one is not the same, but interesting and I have never seen the pattern for this one.
If you know or have any ideas let me know.


  1. Lynn, I'm so delighted I found your blog--through Facebook! I'm a huge lover of vintage quilts--have about 300 in my collection. I know this pattern as Little Dutch Girl, but I don't know the origin. I love how the back of the fabric is usually used for the underside of her dress. The last quilt you show, the little girl in the wooden shoe, is precious. I've never seen it before! Can't wait to look abound your blog. Karen

  2. I have one of these quilts and am happy to find out what the name is. I thought the hats look like an acorn. I will be posting my quilt on Ebay if you would like to take a look. Seller id is: jmarie53.
    Thanks so much for posting.

  3. I have one really badly worn one that I found on eBay sometime in the past year. I'm thinking of taking it apart and making a smaller one out of it but I'm not even sure it's worth the effort. I jsut bought it so as to have a "real" one to show when I lecture. I have rarely seen them. How you find these things and apparently in such decent condition is amazing, Lynn.

  4. Here is a link to the pattern:

    or you can use this link:
    This link has a pdf file pattern that you can copy to make templates.

    Here is the link to the free pattern for "The Little Dutch Girl". A friend from work brought in an antique quilt - and as soon as I saw it I told her it was "The Little Dutch Girl" - don't know how I know - but I am sure that I had seen it as a young girl.
    I am in the process of making one that will be blue and white with embroidered flowers. I am using the above pattern.

    The quilt shown was made by Alsa Lacy Long Pressley before her marriage on July 25, 1916. Designed by Mary A. Pressley Curington

  5. I have a small quilt with the scary ones just like you show in yours (next to last photo) also with hands and feet way out of proportion. I call her Zombie Zue. :) :) :)
    Mary Anne