Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's A Friend For?

I found a lot of wonderful antique quilts while traveling the last couple of months. And a lot of them came home with me. I’ll be showing them in the next couple of months here.
Lots of times I see a fabulous quilt but it is just not something that fits into my collection/collections. But I always can think of the right person that would love it. I know one woman that is crazy for crazy quilts and I saw a lot of those, but just not something I collect. Another friend collects polyester quilts and occasionally I will see one of those. Recently I saw a very interesting basket quilt on an on-line auction. I do collect basket quilts. On looking and reading the description closer, it was made from polyester. So I quickly sent an email off to my friend to give her a heads up. She responded pretty quickly that she just loved it! But she needed a big favor, she was out of town and forgot to bring here passwords for her account. She couldn’t bid on it from where she was. Would I please make an offer. Of course, she loved it, had to have, I had to help her. She is now the proud owner of a really cute poly basket quilt. I still have temporary custody so you get to see it.

While in Portland Oregon I found an interesting quilt, but just not something I thought would go in my collection. But it was just too interesting and not something you see everyday. So with my handy-dandy IPhone I took a picture and emailed it to another friend who I thought just might be interested. Of course she had told me to let her know if I saw anything she would be interested in. And her email was set up in my phone for just such an occasion. I continued looking around the antique store and didn’t hear from her. About twenty minutes later she called, luckily I was just up the street at another store. We talked about making an offer on the quilt, for the right price she was interested. As the third party negotiator we agreed on a price my friend was happy with. I think she has lots of research to do on this one.

No I don’t think it stand for Portland. I do know it was popular to put your initial on quilts. I was looking around the internet and came across this exhibit:

The “P” does look similar. The Ladies Art Company and others had patterns for letters of the alphabet. Check BB Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

Here is a “P” quilt from an online quilt exhibit “Wild By Design” from the International Quilt Study Center.

There are many names/things the “P” could stand for.
Happy researching my friend.


  1. Hooray - good to see you posting again. You are a good friend and I'm sure the favor will be returned - it's so much fun to spend other people's money! With the P quilt I get even more curious than all other anonymous quilts - it had to have specific significance to the maker and I'd love to have the story. I've seen more H quilts than any other letter. I'm not sure why. I look forward to further peeks at your new acquisitions.

  2. Wow, you are a good friend! Perhaps I should give you my list....

  3. you are a good friend! I love the basket quilt, great baskets!
    the P quilt is interesting, would be a great conversation piece!
    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your future posts!

  4. Aha! I'm the friend that got the "P" quilt and I'm very happy with it. Lynn and I have done a lot of search and rescue together and have swaped quilts, etc. It's a great way to add to your collection when you can't get out and about like Lynn does. She's the best as you may well know!!