Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red and White Quilts, Again

I still think and dream of the Infinite Variety Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts exhibit last March in New York.  I downloaded an app to my IPhone of a virtual tour of all the quilts.  It is fantastic.  As a matter of fact, instead of reading myself to sleep last night, I clicked on the Virtual Red and White Quilt Show. Never, never get tired of looking at these quilts.  So amazing to see them all in one place.

So recently my friend Jean wanted to see more of my red and white quilts. I did find a few in Oregon and Washington recently.

A Ruby McKim Bird Life quilt top found in Washington, guess I should post this under Ruby McKim.  But it is red and mostly white.

This is called Old Maid's Ramble or Double Triangle in BB Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. Purchased this in Aurora, Oregon. Home of the  Aurora Colony  and a very nice museum with family quilts from the colonist.

This quilt is a little dirty and needs to be cleaned.  Not sure if it was intentional to have white work or did the redwork fade to white, still need to examine this one closer.  Found this in Hillsboro, Oregon.  A charming little town with a Thursday night street fair.  Food, fun, music, antiques what more could you want.  I wasn't finding any quilts even though the antique stores were very nice.  As I was leaving one antique store the salesperson said something like can't find anything you can't live without.  Of course my response "No, I didn't see any quilts".  I kid you not this is what he said, "Oh, we moved all the quilts across the street to the liquor store!"  Okay, so now I guess I'll be checking in every liquor store for quilts.  I found several quilts in the liquor store that came home with me.

A redwork summer coverlet dated 1891, found in Washington.  

A redwork signature quilt, no date or location, not in the best shape.  
But I had to bring it home with me for $35.
Found in Sherwood, Oregon

 Found in Utah and paid way too much for it.  
Redwork is one of my favorites and there seems to be less available.
At least I don't see many anymore.  Someday soon I will show you a quilt I am
making with a bunch of antique redwork blocks I have been collecting for years. 

I did make this little quilt it is about 12 inches x 17 inches.  I had a very worn redwork top I had taken apart many years ago and recently started looking at it again.  Took the best of several blocks and made this little crazy redwork.  I found some floss in my stash and added the "L" and I did all of the feather stitch.

I found this redwork apron in Oregon recently.  
I like having things I love on display in my quilt studio.
No picture, but the ties even have redwork on them.


  1. Very nice red and white 'show', Lynn. I especially love the geometric....Amazing to find so many on just one trip but when you expand your search to liquor stores, I guess anything can happen. That was too funny.

  2. Very nice! I have a redwork album from around the turn of the century. It will be on display at the Expo show in Portland in September. After that, I'm thinking of selling it. If you'd like to see pictures let me know. I'd love to see it go to a good home.

  3. Thank you Lynn for these wonderful quilts - I really love the look of red and white and can't see enough of them. Take care.

  4. The quilt with all the triangles is a beauty.

  5. I love the Ruby Mckim bird life quilt top!! I have always been a fan of the blocks and the red setting squares realy sets them off....a beauty!..
    What fun it would be to quilt it!!

  6. I was just leaving you a comment on your site. Funny. I have a real weakness for anything Ruby McKim. Are you volunteering to quilt it?

  7. I agree, it was a spectacular exhibition - fabulous we have to app to 'revisit' the quilts. Your red and white collection is lovely.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Fabulous show and tell. Once I paid way too much for a Redwork quilt in New York City. My mom when in half with me. I told her I owned the front half and she owned the back half! Also, I'm crazy in love with the Redwork apron. I've never seen anything like it. What a treasure!

  9. Hi Lynn
    I would love to vounteer to quilt soon as I get all mine done! LOL....I have over 100 tops waiting to be quilted so it might be a while

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  11. No fair, Lynn! It's illegal to take quilts found in Oregon or Washington out of state! Didn't anyone tell you as you crossed the border? LOL!
    Wouldn't you know it. My daughter lives in Hillsboro, Oregon. I wish I could send her quilt collecting for me but she wouldn't have a clue.

  12. Reading some of your past, you have a huge collection. I agree that red work is hard to date. I am just about to soak one I found last week, a bit bashed up but the thrift store price was right.