Sunday, August 5, 2018

Emma Andres Second Quilt Flower Garden

Flower Garden 1931

Emma's 2nd quilt as told in her scrapbook. 
Emma’s notes in her scrapbook say “quilted on my lap”. Emma spent many hours working in the family cigar store.  

My first patchwork quilt with over 3500 pieces.  Never bought a piece of the figured goods.  There are 169 blocks all different. 

Friends giving me pieces.

Mrs. Andrews (Prior)   Prescott Arizona
Mrs. Crume
Mrs. Scopel, she helped sew some piece together
Mrs. J L Crooks
Dr. Tolle
Mrs. Grubb
Mrs. Petit
Mrs. Pfeister
Mrs. Wedge (Long)
Chas Lynch
Geneviene Engelhart

A later enter in the scrapbook says-- "Hanging 20th August, 1982.  Took Charles Pratt’s Calvary down and gave to Marcia Spark".

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