Monday, August 6, 2018

Emma Andres Third Quilt Wild Rose

Emma’s 3rd Quilt

Wild Rose 1932

Whereabouts unknown. Might be somewhere in Virginia. Be on the lookout.  Emma’s entry in her scrapbook for her 3rd quilt is from the March 1932 Woman’s World Magazine. Scrapbook notes say gave to Betty (Billy) Newell, July 27, 1974.  Mrs Marcas daughter from VA.

 Wild Rose

Emma says, “Where the picture shows embroidery, I cut applique pieces instead.  Used yellow centers out of yo-yo’s.  Quilted on my lap mostly at store.”

A note on the scrapbook page from a later date, “Gave to Billy Newell, July 27, 1974.  Mrs Mauas daughter from VA.

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  1. I have my fingers crossed that it will surface and head your way!