Monday, August 27, 2012

Hexagon Mosaic Charm Quilt

Really lucked upon this beautiful, crisp, never used, never washed hexagon, mosaic quilt.  Just recently had a chance to really exam it up close.  My DH and I spent a couple of hours looking at all 1613,  1 1/2 inch hexagons.  So far we have not found any two alike.  It is so much fun to look at.  When I first started looking at the round of pink hexes, I thought "are these reproductions, I know I have some of this fabric".  I went to the stash and pulled out my tub of pink repros.  I did find one, and I found a star print that I have in another color.
See the red one with stars, I have this in a pale gold.  I know I have it in other colors, just have to keep searching my stash. I bought a lot of reproduction fabric in the 90's.

 The light pink hexagon  in the middle is the one I have in a reproduction print.  Not sure of the manufacturer.  I know it is an early repro, I have had many years. How do I know that, I use to think I should serge the edges before I prewashed everything. Not only do I not serge anymore, I don't prewash anymore either!

Oh, the shirting fabric, I haven't even started to look through all of those.  I love shirting and have a lot. And all those browns, love, love.  I bet you can even find some you have.  Okay, everybody bring your repros over and let's look for more reproduction fabric.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Red and Green Crib Quilt

This charming early crib quilt is 40 inches by 62 inches. I found this in New Jersey this summer and just love this little flower. So sweet.

Wouldn't it be fun to reproduce?  That is just what I thought.  So I made a simple pattern. I would love to share the pattern with you.

The only way I know how to do that right now is for you to email me that you want the pattern and I can send you a PDF file.

Thanks to a wonderful son, you can now Click Here to get the PDF pattern. For a 14 inch block increase pattern by 200 percent.

The block is 14 inches finished. Everything is a solid fabric except for the pink, it is a tiny little stripe.  Pretty simple applique. Just think of all the ways you could make this your own design. No copyright here, just go for it!