Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Emma Andres Fifteenth Quilt Tillman Quilt

Tillman Quilt

Emma named this quilt for her sweet friends that visited her in the store.  They would bring Emma flowers like those on the quilt. Emma said she put in the last stitch October 27, 1941.
Now in the collection of the International Quilt Museum, Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Redwork Block I

 29 blocks from my vintage redwork block collection.  I am guessing at c 1900 for these.  Some designs were available commercially and some as you can tell are original designs by the maker. 

Click HERE for the patterns.  Redwork is a fun take along when traveling or for those times when you have to wait for appointments.  I like to do them while I watch TV also.  

Trace the patterns using a light box or a window. I use a red permanent pen Sakura Pigma Micron.

Use a good quality fabric such as Kona Cotton Quilt Fabric

Cut 10 inch  squares and trim after stitching.  Use your favorite embroidery stitch. I usually use the stem stitch. 

Have fun!  


Friday, March 5, 2021

Vintage Redwork Patterns from 1932

 Years ago I wanted to make patterns for my redwork quilts and blocks. 

I ran across files where I had them ready to share, but why I did not post  to the blog is a mystery.

I love redwork and have purchased many quilts and many blocks over the years.  I love these from an unfinished top in my collection, dated 1932.  Click HERE and you will have all 30 of the line drawings to stitch your own.