Friday, January 22, 2016


Most readers here already know how much I love quilts.  It is a passion.  I make quilts, collect quilts, teach quilting, and study quilts, I can’t get enough.  But one thing until just recently I have never done with a quilt.  Sleep under one on my bed.  Why you ask.  DH likes to sleep under the down comforter when it is cold. So our bed has always just had a top sheet and the down comforter. I do have to say the comforter has a cover that I made from the Fons and Porter pheasant reproduction fabric. I made a quilt for our king size bed about 15 years ago.  It somehow ended up on the guest bedroom king size bed.  Then when I did get a quilt made for that bed, about 3 years ago, the one I had made for my bed got folded and put on a shelf. Lately the down comforter has been too hot, and the sheet not enough.  So I got out the quilt and put it on the bed. I feel so silly and stupid for what I have been missing. It feels so heavenly, just the right weight and warmth.  I am sleeping so good, why didn't I do this a long time ago?  Photos of a few of my antique pink and brown quilts.

I love pink and brown, made this basket quilt 2004.