Monday, October 3, 2011

Kent Cloth of the United Nations

I am not a huge feedsack fan, but I do have a few, I think 7 or 8.  I buy them mostly if I think they are pretty unusual.  That's why I bought this pair,

looks like Lil Abner to me.  I haven't seen this design talked about anywhere.  But I did find this article about feedsacks posted on  Etsy.  And the Quilt History site has a very informative article on feedsacks.

I have these two feedsacks because I have a small collection of vintage cheater fabric.

Love cowboys, so this one is a keeper.

 When I saw this quilt on a trip summer 2010 in California, I just had to buy it.  It is four feedsacks sewn together to form the center panel. 

The back of the quilt is also feedsacks sewn together. A large pink and red flower design.


It is Kent's Cloth of the United Nations.  The fabric was printed in 1942 by Percy Kent of buffalo New York.  Using famous WWII battles and Alliance symbols including Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini. 


  1. That Kent fabric is amazing. I love seeing fabrics related to historical or cultural events.

  2. Those are unusual feed sacks. There must not have been much of those made because I have never seen anything like them. It would be interesting to know more.

  3. My study group just did a session on feedsacks and we saw samples of these! Very interesting and I enjoyed the historical aspects as well as the textile study. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Lynn-- Loved seeing your feedsacks! Some of those you have were featured in my book! I have that little pink and black cowboy print. I find a pink cowboy print is very ironic and funny! And that first one is definitely Lil Abner. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have two of the Kent's Cloth of the United Nations feedsacks. I purchased them at a flea market about 25 years ago. I thought they were reproductions, but now I find they are the originals. Thanks for highlighting them!