Thursday, February 14, 2019

Emma Andres Ninth Quilt Broken Star

Broken Star

Emma's notes in her scrapbook say, she cut the pieces herself.  The border materialized out of a dream Mrs. Scapel had. Quilted on the whoops. Made a stencil of feather design for the quilting.

Emma gave a quilt like this, but with larger pieces for a raffle and it brought $48.  Allan ??

Note--This sure makes me wonder how many hours Emma quilted in a day. Seems she did have
friends that influenced her quilts.  Did they also quilt? Was there a group of quilters?  Emma has
many scrapbooks in the collection.  I have purposely resisted even opening them. such a rabbit hole. Are there other clues. I sure am not a scholar. Emma had a long, long friendship with Carrie Hall.  There are many letters from Carrie. They talked about quilting and Carrie even sent Emma a pieced block. Carrie admired Emma's Lady at the Spinning Wheel Quilt.  Carrie says she made one like it in black, gave to a niece.  Sure wonder where that is today.

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