Thursday, February 14, 2019

Emma Andres Tenth Quilt Puff Quilt

Emma says many times in the scrapbook, quilted in my lap at the store. Emma sent for the Mountain Mist quilt hoop.  This Puff Quilt was the first quilt she quilted using her new "whoop".  Wonderful to have the letter from The Stearns and Foster Co dated January 30, 1933.

The Stearn's and Foster Company Quilting Hoop


Emma's hoop is not in the collection. It is thought that she loaned it to someone in Prescott.  Have you ever seen a hoop like this?  This is the only photo of this, her 10th quilt. 
Note in the scrapbook, 1952 the quilt received 1st place in quilting at the Yavapai County Fair.  There is a large box with Emma's ribbons in the collection. I have not attempted to search for the ribbon. 

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  1. That's amazing. I've never seen a hoop like this and I surely hope you find Emma's someday.