Thursday, April 25, 2019

Emma Andres Twelfth Quilt Out Where The West Begins

Out Where the West Begins

This was Emma's original design.  Took over a year to complete.
The scrapbook says she dye the brown fabric around the pictures.

When Emma entered the quilt in the local fair years after it was completed, much was made about the swastika design in the border.  Of course most know the swastika design was not recognized as bad until after WWII.  The swastika was use in native Indian designs.


  1. It is sad that the swastika is forever ruined as a design element. I love hoe she mirror imaged her blocks. And, of course I love the snakes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vintage quilts really do come in so many styles! 'love the poem and the journel entries are really interesting. I guess posting on are blogs is the modern equivalent?! thanks for posting!

  3. I love the design. It is a great Western quilt. And what a treat to see her exquisite quilting up close! Thanks for sharing it Lynn!

    Maureen Craig
    Silver City, Nm